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Brighton Planters

Tropical Indoor Planter on Legs - White Grey

Tropical Indoor Planter on Legs - White Grey

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  • Tropical Indoor Planter
  • White Grey
  • FSC Certified Wooden Legs, with rubber feet
  • Manufactured from durable Stonelite
  • Available in 3 sizes (25cm, 30cm & 35cm diameter)
  • Legs are 25cm high

Indoor / Outdoor Use

These planters are designed for indoor use, so do no NOT feature drainage holes. They can be used outside, but the wooden legs will silver and weather down over time.


The FSC sourced wooden legs are supplied nestled in the pot for easier shipping. These are simply turned (by hand) into the pre-drilled holes in the base. Please ensure you use the transparent washers.

Full Dimensions & Weight

25cm Model - D25*H50cm - 3.5kg
30cm Model - D30*H55cm - 5kg
35cm Model - D35*H60cm - 6.5kg


The Rago range of planters are manufactured in Stonelite, an eco-friendly material that has demonstrated excellent resilience in many climates over the last decade.

Whilst it has similar qualities to Fibreclay, different manufacturing techniques and blends offer improved durability, UV resistance and colour stability (with no leeching).

Stonelite mostly consists of naturally occurring magnesium dredged from lakes and rivers. This is mixed with sand and coloured powder, before being pasted over a small fibreglass mesh for added stability and improved frost resistance.

Over 95% of the composite is biodegradable. The manufacture of Stonelite requires only a fraction of the energy used for other planter types as it sets naturally, without kiln firing or machine moulding.

Please note that Stonelite is a natural material and as such it might have slight cosmetic imperfections and uneven edges. these will weather in over time.

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